Huangshan District, formerly Taiping County, was first founded in the Tianbao Rein of the Tang Dynasty ( 745 AD), became a county-level Huangshan City directly under provincial jurisdiction in December, 1983 and a county-level Huangshan...[More]
Huangshan District of Huangshan City is located in the south of Anhui Province between the parallels 30° and 30°32´ N, the longitudes 117°50' and 118º21´E, stretching 57.83 km from north to south and 51.75 km from east to west, an...[More]
The district is in the subtropical monsoon humid climate zone with the characteristics of four distinct seasons, short spring and autumn, long summer and winter. The average annual precipitation is 1500~1600 millimeters which mainly concent...[More]
Under the jurisdiction of Huangshan District, there are 14 townships, which are Gantang, Tangkou, Tanjiaqiao, Taipinghu, Xianyuan, Jiaocun, Gengcheng, Sankou, Wushi, Xinming, Longmen, Xinhua, Xinfeng, Yongfeng, including 79 villages and 5 u...[More]
In 2016 The district’s GDP reached 8.06 billion yuan, an increase of 7% over the previous year. The local government revenue reached 1.113 billion yuan, an increase of 7%. The total social investment in fixed assets reached 9.58 billio...[More]
In 2016 Taking planning as the leading role, the planning system on the basis of the overall planning has taken into shape. With transportation being put priority, the key transportation projects including Longmenling Tunnel and the ro...[More]